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Investigative searches for intellectual property rights 

Each phase of a product's life cycle requires strategic and operational decisions, which are informed by professional searches. The search methodology is chosen based on the specific problem and objectives. Our search services analyze country-specific differences and competitors' application strategies to provide valuable insights.

  • Patent Intelligence
  • Overview Search
  • Invention Disclosure Search
  • Prior Art Search
  • Patent Monitoring
  • FTO Search
  • Opposition Search
  • Nullity Search
  • Legal Status Search
  • Non-Patent Literature Search
  • Provision of Inspection of Files
  • Translation of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Trademark Search
  • Design search
  • Infringement Search
  • Trademark & Design Monitoring

Advantages of ABP searches

  • ABP supports you from the initial idea through market launch and further development.
  • ABP provides you with rapid search results.
  • You receive valuable results based on professional search strategies.
  • You benefit from personalized and knowledgeable advice.
  • ABP works with you to agree on precise requirements to ensure the highest quality.
  • ABP has extensive technical expertise and 40 years of experience.
  • ABP searches various renowned specialty databases.
  • Machine-translated documents are not a problem for ABP.
  • ABP analyzes trends to assist with your market development.

Patent Intelligence 

To strategically plan for identifying and assessing new markets, Patent Intelligence provides the necessary data. We can provide answers to questions on new technologies, information on patent strategies used by competitors, and support in developing new markets.

Overview Search 

Obtaining an overview of patents can assist in venturing into a new technological field or diversifying your product range. It reveals which concepts are on the rise and which players are significant. When presented as statistical evaluations, the results display development potential and can assist in making informed business decisions.

Invention Disclosure Search 

To prevent wasting time and resources on development work, it's crucial to conduct a patent landscape search early on. By utilizing the efficient invention disclosure search, you can quickly determine whether your idea is already known in prior art or not. This approach prevents redundant developments and helps identify which ideas are truly worth investing in.

Prior Art Search   

The prior art search is essential in evaluating the potential of a patent application or determining the risk of infringing on existing intellectual property rights. By identifying the current prior art, resources can be used more efficiently in subsequent stages of development. ABP employs professional search strategies in reputable specialized databases, which, when combined with machine translation, cover a broad range of countries.

FTO Search 

The freedom to operate search is typically conducted when the product development process is nearing completion, and the product is ready for market entry. The purpose of the FTO search is to determine whether any existing IP rights held by competitors could be infringed upon. By conducting this search, potential IP issues can be identified and addressed before the product launch, minimizing the risk of costly legal disputes. Additionally, the prototype can be reviewed to identify any IP rights that may be relevant. This proactive approach allows for necessary adaptations to be made prior to launch with minimal risk.

Patent Monitoring  

Even after the market launch, ABP continues to be a reliable partner by providing information on competitors' developments, keeping you updated on trends, potential new competitors, and relevant intellectual property rights. Patent monitoring enables you to stay informed about the technological environment, developments, and the market, allowing you to react early on.

Opposition Search 

Have you come across an intellectual property right that could obstruct the commercialization of your product? Is it a newly granted or soon-to-be-granted right? In order to successfully oppose it, proper preparation is crucial. Conducting an opposition search can provide valuable information for taking action against the grant of such a right. This can help to prevent competing IP rights and avoid subsequent costs. ABP can assist you in this process with our professional search strategies and expertise in renowned special databases.

Nullity Search 

If you are either facing an action for nullity or seeking one, the nullity search is a powerful tool to take further steps. ABP can assist you in questioning the validity of the intellectual property right of your opponent. With this information, you are well-equipped to have the opponent’s IP right declared null and void.

Trademark Search 

ABP provides comprehensive assistance in finding the perfect brand name for your business. Our range of services includes initial trademark checks for potential brand names, trademark identity searches, and trademark similarity searches. This enables us to effectively identify identical or similar brand names within specific classes of goods and services, ensuring that your chosen brand name is legally secure.

Design Search 

A design search can help answer the question of whether your product design is truly unique and distinguishable from that of your competitors. It involves a comprehensive search for design features in specialized design databases. The results can help you make an informed decision about whether to modify your product design or proceed with a design application. ABP provides reliable support throughout the entire design search process.

Infringement Search 

Before publication, it is beneficial to conduct a search for possible infringements on the finished word or figurative mark, or the corresponding design in the context of trademarks and designs.

Trademark & Design Monitoring 

Since trademark and design rights operate under a different legal framework compared to patents, it is crucial to be aware of any applications in relevant classes in a timely manner. By using trademark and design monitoring, you can stay informed about any relevant events.


Mr. Investigator

The success of patent, trademark, or design searches depends on the expertise and experience of the researcher, as well as their technical and legal knowledge. A crucial factor in obtaining high-quality search results is the use of professional search strategies, which should be flexible and capable of identifying synonyms and paraphrases.