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Investigative searches for intellectual property rights 

Professional searches are a valuable basis for strategic and operative decisions in each phase of the product life cycle. The ideal search is selected based on the individual problem and objective. We analyze country-specific differences and highlight the competitors’ application strategies.


Advantages of ABP searches

  • ABP accompanies you from the first idea to the market launch and further development.
  • ABP quickly provides you with search results.
  • You receive useful results based on professional search strategies.
  • You benefit from competent and personal advice.
  • To ensure the highest possible quality, ABP agrees on the precise requirements with you personally.
  • ABP has very comprehensive technical know-how.
  • ABP can draw on around 40 years of experience.
  • ABP searches diverse renowned special data bases.
  • Machine-translated documents do not represent a problem.
  • ABP analyzes trends for your market cultivation.

Patent Intelligence 

In order to identify and assess new markets, a Patent Intelligence supplies the necessary data for strategic planning. We have the answers to questions on new technologies, we supply information on patent strategies used by competitors and support you when developing new markets.

Overview Search 

Gaining a patent overview helps in entering a new field of technology or expanding your product portfolio. It shows which concepts are experiencing a boom and which players should be taken into account. Preparing the results as statistical evaluations shows the potential for development at one glance and offers support for specific business development decisions.

Invention Disclosure Search 

To avoid wasting energy in development work, it is important to search the patent landscape early on. By using the time- and resource-efficient invention disclosure search, you quickly find out whether the idea in question is known from the prior art or not. This way, dual developments are prevented at the source and it is easy to determine which ideas are really worth investing in. 

Prior Art Search   

The prior art search is the top choice when it comes to weighing the odds of a possible patent application or assessing the risk of an infringement of intellectual property rights. Clarifying the current prior art allows a more efficient use of resources in the following stages of development. In doing so, ABP relies on professional search strategies in renowned special databases which, in combination with machine translation, cover a wide selection of countries. 

FTO Search 

In the case of the freedom to operate search, the development is already largely completed, and the product is about to be introduced to the market. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, the FTO search clarifies whether any competitors infringe the IP rights. In a final step, the prototype is checked once more, and any possible relevant IP rights are pointed out. Better safe than sorry. At this point, adaptions are still possible at no risk.

Patent Monitoring  

ABP remains the reliable partner at your side even after the market launch. We provide information on competitors’ developments and keep you updated on trends, possible new competitors or relevant intellectual property rights. Patent monitoring helps you keep track of the technological environment, developments and the market and to react at an early stage.

Opposition Search 

An intellectual property right was identified that could interfere with the commercialization of your product? It has been granted only recently or is just about to be granted? A successful opposition against it depends on the correct preparation. Using an opposition search allows to find material for taking action against the grant of an IP right. This allows to choke off competing IP rights and avoid follow-up costs.

Nullity Search 

You are facing an action for nullity or are seeking one yourself? For any further steps, the nullity search is your weapon of choice. ABP helps you question the IP right of your adversary. This way, you are fully equipped to have the adversary’s IP right declared null and void.

Trademark Search 

ABP fully supports you in finding the right brand name for you. Our service portfolio covers everything from initial trademark checks for possible brand names to trademark identity searches and trademark similarity searches. This allows us to reliably identify identical or similar brand names in classes of goods and services.

Design Search 

Is your product design really one of a kind and can it be clearly distinguished from the competition’s design? This is the question to be answered by a design search. The design features are searched comprehensively in separate design databases. This helps you decide whether to adapt the product design or to seek a design application yourself.

Infringement Search 

In the context of trademarks and designs, it is also helpful to check the finished word and figurative mark or a corresponding design for possible infringements before publication. 

Trademark & Design Monitoring 

As trademark and design rights have a different legal basis from patent law, it is especially crucial to be aware in time of applications in the relevant classes. A trademark and design monitoring provides you with information on relevant occurrences.


  • Patent Intelligence
  • Overview Search
  • Invention Disclosure Search
  • Prior Art Search
  • Patent Monitoring
  • FTO Search
  • Opposition Search
  • Nullity Search
  • Legal Status Search
  • Non-Patent Literature Search
  • Provision of Inspection of Files
  • Translation of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Trademark Search
  • Design search
  • Infringement Search
  • Trademark & Design Monitoring


Mr. Investigator

Whether it is patent, trademark, or design searches: The quality of the search results depend on the technical and legal knowledge as well as the experience of the researcher. Professional search strategies, their flexible optimization and the ability to recognize synonyms and paraphrases are the key to successful searches.