Smart IP management with uptoIP®


Your intelligent IP management  

uptoIP® is a powerful tool for ensuring and growing your success in the IP sector. The uptoIP® system supports you in the safe administration of all matters relating to your IP rights. 

Besides the administration of your own publications, you can also search, assess, categorize, distribute and archive your competitors’ publications.


Overview of benefits


web functionality, no software installation

Smart working

easy operation, responsive design


comprehensive assessment options


targeted functional range for all IP matters


quick distribution of information


uptoIP® can be used locally and supra-regionally


multilingual processing option


paperless administration and filing


rapid provision of data by ABP

Resource conservation

no server, backup or storage demands 

Dashboard for quick access 

Current files, documents, projects, tasks or deadlines at a glance: design your personal intellectual property (IP) overview in the uptoIP® dashboard.  

Structured IP rights administration  

Manage your entire IP rights portfolio in a structured and clear manner. You easily determine connections between your inventions by linking your files to R&D projects.  

Intelligent tagging

Easily and quickly assess and categorize your documents and/or files. The protective rights hence become a part of your projects and/or products. In uptoIP®, you illustrate the connections and give your portfolio a clear structure. 

Smart search function  

From the first idea to the enforcement of rights with your attorney: the easy full text search delivers a well-structured result from your entire IP knowledge base immediately.  

Careful deadline administration  

Comfortably administer your tasks and deadlines in uptoIP®. Deadlines set by the offices are stored automatically. You can additionally create your preferred types of deadlines. You stay on top of everything in the activity history. 

Interactive search report  

You automatically receive search results from ABP in uptoIP®. Link the results to your innovations and hence create a comprehensive, expressive knowledge data base.  

Transparent cost compilation  

Compile costs according to your files. In addition to this, you can also store your revenues. ABP clients automatically receive the cost data sets and corresponding invoices in uptoIP®.  

Useful filtering function  

Find what you are looking for right away. By file type, you quickly filter and sort your data according to the bibliographic information of your intellectual property rights.  

Easy monitoring  

Keep an eye on your competitors or on certain technologies. Geared to your desired profile, you automatically receive new publications on your areas of interest in uptoIP®. Tip: Tag these to your projects!  

Convenient document administration  

Administer all documents relating to patents, trademarks and designs in one software application. The uptoIP® patent management system was developed particularly for intellectual property.  

Mobile use 

With its modern, responsive design, uptoIP® adapts to your personal screen requirements. You comfortably administer all information also on mobile terminals – independently, flexibly, globally.  

Even more advantages  

Automatic email import, hosting at ABP or installation in your network, individual downloads from diverse external IP data bases, authorization control, English version and much more.  


  • Dashboard for quick access
  • Structured IP rights administration
  • Intelligent tagging
  • Smart search function
  • Careful deadline administration
  • Interactive search report
  • Transparent cost compilation
  • Useful filtering function
  • Easy monitoring
  • Convenient document administration
  • Mobile use
  • Automatic e-mail import
  • Hosting at ABP or on premise
  • Individual downloads from diverse external IP databases
  • Authorization control
  • English version

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