Mr. Investigator

Team Manager for Searches & Renewals

Whether it is patent, trademark, or design searches: The quality of the search results depends on the technical and legal knowledge as well as the experience of the researcher. Professional search strategies, their flexible optimization and the ability to recognize synonyms and paraphrases are the key to successful searches. 

Our research team members are qualified professionals having a technical background and many years of experience. Converting the questions and objectives of our clients into an accurate result is one of our researchers’ core strengths. The requirements for a professional and responsible fee management are met by ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH’s many years of experience and our international network. 

Together with our worldwide network of partner offices, our experts can ensure a cost-effective and reliable handling of the payment of renewal fees for your intellectual property rights with the appropriate patent and trademark offices. Due caution and ongoing checks are as important to us as they are to you.