Qualified Patent Information Professional

What is QPIP?

Since 2002, international patent search experts have repeatedly considered to make it possible for researchers specialized in intellectual property rights to be certified. However, it wasn’t until several years later when the ISBQPIP (International Standards Board for Qualified Patent Information Professionals) based in The Hague, Netherlands, was officially founded on August 31, 2018. Since then, ISBQPIP has been responsible for the standardized, international certification of IP researchers.

Why be certified?

The goal of being certified is the creation of professional standards. In times of modern information technology, many people think merely using freely available search engines is good enough for conducting professional patent, trademark and design searches. However, that is not true – only the combination of special databases and the knowledge of the necessary query syntax is what makes a professional search.

On top of this, the rapidly increasing number of research companies – particularly in Asian low-wage countries – makes it necessary to highlight sound and well-founded research.

Becoming a research expert by acquiring the necessary tools and the know-how takes several years. This is why a certification aims to make professional researchers stand out from the crowd.

Continued professional development

Once a patent search expert is registered by the international organization, they are obliged to annually prove participation in professional development measures, such as conferences or seminars, in the area of patent searches. Our researchers at ABP have also completed additional training as patent searcher/patent engineer at PATON at the Technische Universität Ilmenau (technical university of Ilmenau, Germany).

Professionally curious

ABP researchers follow an in-house standard of quality and have decades of experience in the area of IP-related searches. Therefore, your search projects are in the best hands at ABP PATENT NETWORK.

Whether it is patent, trademark, or design searches: The quality of the search results depend on the technical and legal knowledge as well as the experience of the researcher. Professional search strategies, their flexible optimization and the ability to recognize synonyms and paraphrases are the key to successful searches.

Our research team members are qualified professionals having a technical background and many years of experience. Converting the questions and objectives of our clients into an accurate result is one of our researchers’ core strengths.