Anton Burger
Management Board

“The most important things that allow providing high-quality services are highly motivated employees and a relationship to customers that is based on partnership and characterized by confidence.

Daniel Holzner
Management Board

“The latest generation of uptoIP® along with state-of-the-art technologies enable us to efficiently and effectively support the processes of our customers. We combine your own intellectual property rights with third-party protection rights, for example from searches as well as monitoring, and provide the complete IP management including fee payment releases.

Alexander Haller
Teammanager IP Searches & Fee Management

“Patent, trademark or design search: good search results depent on technical and legal knowledge and of course they depent on the personel experience of the searcher. Professional and flexible search strategies plus the ability to find the right synonyms and transcriptions are crucial for success. Our qualified search pros have the needed technical background, long-term expert knowledge and passion for IP.”

“The requirements for a competent and responsible fee management are based in the many years of experience and the international network of ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH. Our experts inhouse as well as our partner offices all over the world ensure that the renewal fees are transferred to the respective patent office in a cost-efficient and reliable way.”

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