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Types of IP rights


A patent is granted upon application for inventions which are new, which do not result from the prior art (i.e. everything that was public before the application date) in an obvious manner for the person skilled in the art and which are industrially applicable.

Utility models

The utility model, sometimes referred to as "small patent”, is protected as such if the invention is new, includes an inventive step and is industrially applicable. The big difference is that it is not examined, but only registered, and its lifespan is limited to 10 years.


Trademarks can be all signs that can be represented graphically. They distinguish the goods or services of companies. The special feature of trademarks is their unlimited lifespan.


The design patent or design is a pattern being a "model for the appearance of an industrial product". The subject of protection is a new intellectual design. Designs are primarily concerned with the appearance of industrially producible goods.

IP rights in the product life cycle

Idea & invention

The foundation stone is laid by a unique and not yet existing idea. The USP plays a particularly important role in this context. The examination whether there is a similar, already patented product on the market is carried out within a very short time with the help of the invention disclosure search.


A clearly structured and well thought-out plan helps a company to define goals and consequently achieve these. An overview search offers a broad overview of the current market situation. All measures, sub-projects and tasks are aligned therewith.


The invention disclosure search should be carried out even before the first prototypes are built. A double development is thus counteracted and an overview of the ideas with the highest investment potential is obtained.

Testing & prototyping 

In this phase, the highest priority is the detection and elimination of errors. The improved prototypes are checked again in order to guarantee a compliant market entry.

Market Launch 

The analysis of the targeted market is one of the most important components of a successful market launch – only those who know their market can conquer it. An up-to-date patent intelligence supports this process.

Further Development 

In order to remain successful in the market, constant further development is essential. Patent monitoring provides the data required to react quickly to changes or repositioning.

Fields of business

IP management software

uptoIP® offers your company an intelligent platform for the central administration, collaboration and successful development of your IP rights and the participating employees.

IP searches

IP searches allow you to correctly assess the market environment and competitors, to take advantage of developments and trends and, of course, to develop and secure your own IP rights on this basis.

Renewal fees 

As a cost-effective and reliable partner, ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH takes over the complete fee handling with the patent and trademark offices worldwide. Lean back, we keep track of your entire IP portfolio.


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